About Wendy

Wendy Baudín, MPA, SLC.. started paving her path to become a Self-Love Sherpa 30 years ago while doing plenty of deep and heavy lifting in her own life. Having dealt with and overcome a wide range of challenges, speed bumps, and life-changing experiences – ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, navigating divorce, grieving the death of a parent, facing and getting beyond bankruptcy, and being a care giver for a parent she acquired the skills to move ahead with grace — without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage. With a lifetime of formal and enrichment education fueling her journey to self-discovery, Wendy’s mission today is to work side by side with women at mid-life who have also seen a lot of life. They are ready to lay down their heavy burdens to step into the joyous lives of possibility that have been so close but seemingly out of reach – until now. Working together, Wendy takes them on a step-by-step journey to reach toward the mountain tops that are their highest and best expression of what they want their lives and work to be about today. Please visit http://www.wendybaudin.com to request your Self-Love Assessment, Self-Love Tip of the Week, and Self-Love monthly Newsletter.

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